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29 jul: OKR: What it is and how this tool can help your business grow

Também disponível em português It’s nothing new to us that planning and executing business strategies are some of the key challenges organizations face. In a context of globalization and an extremely competitive scenario in which companies are inserted, having a well-consolidated strategy is essential for the well being of the company. Nevertheless, many still don’t give the attention needed to the…


04 jun: Data-driven: O principal desafio não é técnico nem analítico, mas sim cognitivo

Ser orientado por dados é uma das expressões mais sexy para as empresas e para inúmeros currículos que a gente encontra por todos os lados. O poder da informação é tamanha que certamente você já ouviu alguns chavões como “Dados é o novo petróleo”, “Inteligência Artificial é a nova energia”, “Século XXI é a era de Analytics”, etc. Artigo escrito…


01 fev: 3 Biggest Mistakes that Leaders Make About Metrics and How to Avoid them

In a not too distant past, the more it was invested (time, money, effort, etc.), the higher was the ROI (Return On Investment). Currently, the best management practices prioritize the maximum of results with the minimum possible capital spent, and the metrics have earned their space to perfectly support it. However, many leaders still make crucial mistakes in this regard….